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Culture of Solidarity Fund Just Transition Announces Grantees Back

Culture of Solidarity Fund Just Transition Announces Grantees

1 Nov 2023

The latest edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund welcomed European transnational collaborative initiatives to address the theme of just transition and environmental sustainability from a specific cultural angle.

Climate change is the most pressing concern of our time. A successful systemic transition from resource-intense Western lifestyles to more sustainable models requires a radical change in individual and societal values relating to work, the environment, and social justice. However, such a transition must be fair and equitable. Culture plays an important role in this context because it shapes people’s beliefs and behaviours. Cultural and art organisations, community media, activists, and creative sectors have a unique ability to foster solidarity, raise critical questions, and build consensus. By considering the cultural context and specific values of communities, these actors can develop transition strategies that are fair, equitable, and respectful of the needs and aspirations of all affected, ensuring that no one is left behind.

After a succesful application fifteen cultural organisations from all across the continent will research and promote global just transitions, offer residencies, build networks, and host public events. They will receive grants up to 30,000 euro to do so. Get to know their projects below.

Since March 2020 we have run nine rounds of the Culture of Solidarity Fund.

Netherlands, Durgendam, 12 September 2019. The waterland between Durgerdam and Uitdam. The region is a very low lying area which has seen several floods over the centuries. The land is basically peat with many canals crossing the landscape. The sea dyke running along the Markermeer is being enforced in the near future. The land is mainly used for cattle. Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR.

Meet the Just Transition grantees

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