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In short


Programme initiated in 2020 that puts the question of Europe and its future(s) at the forefront through artistic projects and art commissions. It ultimately uses arts and culture as a vector to investigate, explore and discuss Europe’s burning questions and to bring a range of people and communities together to critically reflect upon and imagine Europe in new ways.


Pilot phase: 2020-2022. Further development of the programme currently in progress.

Who is it for

Through a closed nomination and selection process, artists, collectives and cultural spaces receive co-funding to develop their artistic vision and new perspectives on Europe. Consequently, diverse communities and audiences in Europe (and beyond) are invited to re-envision their future(s) through the arts.


Throughout Europe at changing locations and on the web. The programme follows a decentralised (local) work approach while constituting a joint pan-European cultural space, both virtually and physically.

The European Pavilion is a new programme by the European Cultural Foundation developed in collaboration with partners from across Europe. It was launched in 2020 with The European Pavilion Podcast, a research tool to explore some of the issues raised by this initiative.

In the autumn of 2021, the first generation of European Pavilions was announced. Meet the European Pavilions on the platform here.

From 17 to 19 November 2022, the first biennale event of the European Pavilion is taking place in Rome. Read more about it here.

A space for experimentation and imagination

To imagine the Europe of tomorrow is not an easy task. It is neither a question of beginning from a blank page nor following a preconceived narrative. Rather, it is about adding footnotes and creating spaces for imagination.

With the European Pavilion programme, our ambition is to facilitate a space that encourages experimentation and reflection on Europe. In collaboration with partners, we set out to support a European network of arts and cultural organisations that, through artistic and educational projects, offers the opportunity to explore ideas for a future Europe. Together we want to question and visualise what Europe is and, above all, what it can become tomorrow. We want to tell stories, imagine, speculate. We want to question and debate. And what better place than a pavilion for such a venture? The pavilion, which has taken on many functions and forms throughout history, has the quality to remain open to new definitions and meanings – much like Europe itself.

Find out more about the European Pavilion initiative in this interactive PDF:


The European Pavilion programme was developed throughout 2020, in conversation with art professionals and foundation representatives: read more about our first brainstorm meeting. It is implemented in collaboration with, and with the support of, key partners, including the Camargo Foundation, the Kultura Nova Foundation and Fondazione CRT. As part of our 2020 Culture of Solidarity fund, we also supported a number of organisations whose projects resonate with the vision and aspiration of the Pavilion. To build a European Pavilion is a complex endeavour. That is why, throughout 2020, ECF organised a series of conversations with personalities from the arts and culture, which are edited together as a series of podcasts.

The European Pavilion is a multi-annual program and we hope to welcome many new partners in the coming years.
If you are interested in joining us in this venture, please contact:

Lore Gablier:


  • In her essay, Sabrina Stallone reflects on the European Pavilion within the context of the flourishing landscape of debates on the future of Europe, currently emerging in Brussels and beyond
  • Leaf through a dossier on The European Pavilion initiative published in ECF’s 2021 annual magazine Common Ground (pp. 34-54)
  • Read the European Pavilion rationale that was shared with the participants of ECF’s initial brainstorm meeting.
  • Read an essay on The European Pavilion by Monica Sassatelli, which we published in the 2022 issue of Common Ground. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions about The European Pavilion, please contact Philipp Dietachmair, Head of Programmes, or Lore Gablier, Programme Manager. 

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