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Creative Climate Leaders Network by Julie’s Bicycle Back

Creative Climate Leaders Network by Julie’s Bicycle

1 Nov 2023

Culture has not been understood as a core solution to the climate crisis; without centring human values, narratives and lifestyles, we will fail in our efforts. Julie’s Bicycle’s Creative Climate Leadership programme puts justice and systems change at the heart of culture-led solutions to the climate crisis.

The Creative Climate Leadership programme has trained over 150 European creative leaders who are putting climate at the heart of their practice. These change-makers pioneer local, justice-led, inclusive and creative solutions, but they lack solidarity with one another across the network and, therefore, the potential to work together on solutions, campaigns and advocacy. Julie’s Bicycle’s and their partners propose to build and strengthen this critical network, enabling members to share learning, communicate with their diverse audiences, and advocate for justice and culture-led solutions at the highest levels.

Julie’s Bicycle’s and their partners will also create an alumni advocacy group focused on national and international policy (COP, UN, G20, European Commission). Each new cohort joining the network will bring new cultural practices contributing to the just transition. But we need to act quickly.


Granted 20,000 euros

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