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Permanent Transition by Fondacioni Lumbardhi Back

Permanent Transition by Fondacioni Lumbardhi

1 Nov 2023

Lumbardhi Foundation enters a phase of transition. What started as an initiative around saving a cinema from demolition and transforming it into a sustainable in(ter)dependent cultural center, will grow into a poly-centric institution with an upcoming research, education and production hub at a former military base turned into an Innovation and Training Park in Prizren, Kosovo.

With this in mind, the organisation is developing a new program framework that will build knowledge, partnerships, infrastructure, organisational change and the necessary momentum for a locally-rooted, socially and ecologically just movement.  Coined “Permanent Transition”, this direction wants to build base for context-based learning and systemic changes in Prizren, through inter-institutional partnerships, the setting up of a new climate-positive hub and initiating public programs that provide a broader understanding of climate challenges. They will initiate conversations to translate local understandings into a common path for alternative thinking, learning and doing. Through research, lectures, workshops, a film program, planting and strategic planning, Lumbardhi Foundation shall extend its roots in the city and build regional and European progressive alliances engaged for transformative change.

Granted: 30,000 euros

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