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Terms & Conditions


ECF takes no responsibility for the content of external Internet sites. Other websites that we link to are owned and operated by third parties and ECF has no control over them.

The fact that we include links to other websites does not mean that ECF approves of, or endorses, any other third party website or the content of that website.

We accept no liability for any statements, information, products or services that are published on, or are accessible through, any websites owned or operated by third parties.


The European Cultural Foundation (“ECF”) is an independent organization with the goal of nurturing a socially engaged and culturally rooted civil society across Europe. To connect and inspire individuals, support cultural change makers and otherwise operate successfully, personal information is used by ECF.

  • Whether you are a grantee, employee, event participant, newsletter subscriber or otherwise, we will treat your personal information respectfully, confidentially and compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • We process your personal data legitimately and for specific purposes only.
  • We limit the processing of your personal data to what is relevant and necessary.
  • We will clearly ask for your consent for processing your personal data in cases where your consent is required.
  • We will not share your personal data with third parties without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to, in case of a legitimate interest or in case we have contracted a third party to process personal data on behalf of us.
  • We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and we demand a high level of data protection standards of third parties that process personal data on behalf of us.
  • We will respect your personal data rights.

In case of questions or complaints, please contact our Privacy Officer at

Read the full privacy statement.


All content that appears on the ECF website falls under ECF’s copyright © 2020 European Cultural Foundation (unless where stated).

All media we publish on this website can only be copied or downloaded for non-commercial use.

Please feel free to browse through our website and use this content within your work. You can do this as long as:

  • you mention the European Cultural Foundation and the author of the material (text, audio, video, comics…)
  • you use it for non-commercial purposes

Written permission from ECF’s Communication Department should be obtained in all other circumstances.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small data file that websites can write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie can contain information, such as a unique user identifier, that the site uses to track your visit. This website uses cookies to uniquely identify all users visiting the site.

Many people worry that cookies threaten individuals’ privacy and might affect their own computers’ functioning. While they can be used in all kinds of ways by server-based applications, they pose no risk to you as a user. Cookies used by the ECF cannot be used to obtain information about your system or to add you to any mailing lists. They are used to make browsing more efficient. If you have disabled cookies on your computer access to other areas of the site may be restricted.

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