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Desert Transformation Lab by LIOS Labs Back

Desert Transformation Lab by LIOS Labs

1 Nov 2023

LIOS’ Desert Transformation Lab in Poland’s Błędowska Desert is a hub for Ecological Imagination. They address modern crises with eco-friendly innovation, transforming old shipping containers into vibrant educational spaces.

Their pavilion, inspired by Eastern-European aesthetics, invites visitors to “Laboratorium Pustynnej Wyobraźni” – an upcycled structure offering interactive education in four labs:
1. Future Food Lab: Explore culinary innovation through vertical farming, fermentation, foraging, and solar cooking, fostering circular food production.
2. Planetary Movements Lab: Dive into motion, from somatic practices to planetary migration, expanding bodily awareness in environmental and social contexts.
3. Sand Lab: Study materiality and earth matter, creating desert shelters and organic art inspired by Arizona Desert Architecture School TSOA.
4. Coexistence Lab: Explore ecosocial practices, governance models, language’s influence, and diverse perspectives, promoting resilience, solidarity, and multispecies coexistence.

In partnership with eight partners (local administrations, gastronomy, culture, and academia) LIOS redefines public education, expands imagination, and inspires sustainable living in a desert oasis. This project, taking place in June and July 2024, represents a continuation of their multi-year research and community engagement in Błędowska Desert. It’s their way of fostering reciprocity and sharing the knowledge gathered during the four years of kinship and collaboration.

Granted: 25,000 euros

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