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Revitalising the Fashion Commons in Europe & Beyond by Fashion Act Now Back

Revitalising the Fashion Commons in Europe & Beyond by Fashion Act Now

1 Nov 2023

Fashion Act Now (FAN) is a London-based activist group active since 2020 with international members including educators, writers, students, and others who have come together to explore possibilities for a just and regenerative fashion future. The members give talks and workshops on crafting a crisis response for transitioning away from the endless extractivism of the industrial fashion system. Community-driven clothing cultures offer an alternative to the dominant fashion system, emphasising sufficiency and wellbeing and reconnecting people with traditions and culture.

These communities practise visible mending, craft revitalisation, and regenerative fibre production. However, these alternatives have often been fragmented, erased, eroded, and ignored. FAN and their four project partners propose to address this by building a translocal digital commons to unearth, explore, connect, and support diverse clothing communities demonstrating regenerative practices. Their goal is to contribute to the visibility and viability of alternate systems and encourage participation in them.

FAN will use funding to launch an online platform to enable this commons. Funds will be used to discover the needs of diverse European stakeholders, onboard an initial cohort of communities in Europe and beyond, enable knowledge sharing, and produce content to showcase stories from these communities, which will be shared through articles, interviews, events, and social media.

Granted 28,000 euros

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