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Disobedient Futures / Fossil Free Culture:

1 Nov 2023

How can we transcend the era of extractivism? That is the central question this project by Disobedient Futures / Fossil Free Culture explores. A just transition involves composting extractivism by reusing, repairing, and fundamentally reshaping our world from the ground up.

This proposal presents a comprehensive project that encompasses artistic, research, and social action dimensions. Addressing the root cause of the climate crisis –colonial extractivism– their project explores pathways towards post-extractive and decolonial futures that diverge from this destructive paradigm.

Key objectives of the project are:
Establishing solidarity alliances between diasporic groups in Europe and grassroots groups defending their territories in the Global South.
Contributing to social resistance against extractivism, particularly lithium mining, highlighting the devastating ecological and cultural consequences.
Catalysing public discourse on the Just Transition and advocating for a decolonial approach.

The programme builds upon the insights gained during an initial phase held between 2022 and 2023. It includes an artistic exploration into mining and ancestral knowledges, public events such as a Solidarity Gathering, which brings together diasporas in Europe, Indigenous communities, frontline groups resisting extractivism in their territories; and groups experimenting with alternatives ways of living. Additionally, Fossil Free Culture and their four partners will develop an online platform for harvesting and disseminating the programme’s main insights and findings.

Granted 27,200 euros

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