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Display Europe Newsletter: The Future of Food in Europe Back

Display Europe Newsletter: The Future of Food in Europe

28 Mar 2024

The latest newsletter by Display Europe, the pan-European media platform developed in response to the growing need for a public sphere that transcends economic, social, cultural, or national backgrounds, is available. This edition delves into the future of food in Europe, examining the complexities of the continent’s food landscape and the critical questions surrounding power dynamics within food systems. Against the backdrop of farmers’ protests and policymakers’ scrutiny of agriculture, this newsletter explores the pressing issues and challenges shaping the future of food in Europe, with a particular focus on the intersection of EU climate policies and agriculture.

Born from the collaborative efforts of the European Cultural Foundation and a network of independent media organisations, Display Europe is a groundbreaking media platform that is a free central portal for original, federated and user-generated media content in 15 languages. Click here to read the newsletter.

Display Europe is co-funded by the European Union and run by a consortium of Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA), Fairkom, Eurozine, Voxeurop, Hostwriter, Krytyka Polityczna, El Diario, Good Conversations, Public Spaces, Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)Human, VPRO, Sound & Vision, YEPP Italia, FanzingoSchuman Show and our Foundation.

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