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Open call: Display Europe – Democracy Runs on Screens Back

Open call: Display Europe – Democracy Runs on Screens

6 Jul 2023

The ”Display Europe – Democracy Runs on Screens” Call for Proposals has launched!

Display Europe – Democracy Runs on Screens”, is a project that is part of the Initiative for European Public Space, a coalition we built to shape a European media landscape. The architects of “Display Europe – Democracy runs on Screens” believe in a European media, grounded in public values and inclusivity.

As a result, independent and citizen media are building, a European media platform that is open to all citizens in a twofold sense. Citizens throughout Europe can receive the media translated into their own language via a central platform, and European citizens are able to contribute content to the platform via the widespread existing structures of citizens’ media.

Through Display Europe, we invite you to apply for a grant to produce journalistic content with European relevance, which will be made accessible through the new platform

This call supports media platforms to produce high-quality journalistic content in all possible formats. We want to fund both local media organisations interested in expanding and connecting their work to a European level, as well as outlets that have a proven journalistic record in serving pan-European audiences.

Selected proposals will receive a grant up to a maximum of €12.000 per project. The deadline to submit the proposal is 6 September 2023 at 13.00 CEST.

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