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Display Europe Launch Event Back

Display Europe Launch Event

8 Dec 2023

We are happy to announce that Display Europe will be launched at a hybrid event on Tuesday, 12 December, in the Press Club in Brussels at 11:00 CET. This groundbreaking media platform offers a European perspective through original and federated content provided by independent media from across the continent.

Anchored in public values and inclusivity, Display Europe is made from open-source software and breaks away from the unethical data collection practices of Big Tech. Its algorithms guide users on a mixed and balanced content experience. Display Europe is set to revolutionise the European media landscape and contribute to our mission to strengthen European public space.

The press conference will unveil key aspects of the Display Europe platform, including our unique approach to creating a unified yet diverse European media space and our commitment to democratic values and open-source technology. To join us in Brussels, please register before 11. December 2023. You can also watch the launch live on

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