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Cultural empowerment for dynamic organisations Back

Cultural empowerment for dynamic organisations

24 Feb 2021

In our series of interviews with Culture of Solidarity Fund grantees, Turismo in Langa explain how their local heritage and European cultural management ideas connect. 

Who are you?
Turismo in Langa is a cultural association born in Alba, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. Since 1988, the purpose of Turismo in Langa has been that of promoting the beauties of our land trough cultural events and tourism projects. We worked hard, with passion and care, cooperating with public administrations and private stakeholders, with wine producers and farmers, with volunteers, firms and associations. We organize events, guided tours and cultural activities to make our territory known, not only for its enormous wine-and-food endowment, but also for heritage, landscape, art and culture.

What made you think of the project?
We did discover and consequently studied the Dinamica project, realized by Ideazione and we thought it could be an interesting idea to apply the Dinamica model to Piedmontese cultural realities, with which we work for years. We believe that, because of corona, situations have changed and cultural enterprises need a more structured management that they could obtain through Dinamica. The model allows a more conscious and strategic approach toward cultural management thanks to a sustainable approach. As cultural organization, being sustainable and helping cultural managers in this field means: identifying development – and management strategies. Those elements are designed trough a bottom-up relation, based on specific needs and respectful of specific and diverse boundaries, without a homogenization push.

What will your project contribute to Europe, post-corona?
Our project has as objective the realization of a European network of cultural enterprises, that could help each other to create a cultural management system able to be applied in different contexts. We aim to involve Piedmontese cultural enterprises through Dinamica, identifying opportunities and critical issues for each case, then trying to improve them in a collaboration with local and European cultural partners.

How do you envision it to grow from local to pan European?
Taking Piedmontese cultural organisations into a European space of discussion and management solidarity will activate international relations and common strategies. In this sense a first step will be the transformation of the Dinamica approach, studied and tested within 100 Italian cultural organisations, into a European shared model, where the pillars and vision are discussed, tested and validated among the partners with the objective to become a EU codesigned approach.

And – finally – how does your project help to make Europe an open and shared public space for everyone?Once the project is running and the model is validated at European level, all the involved stakeholders will have a common reference on cultural management. This will allow in creating a common sense among the professionals, managers and practitioners in the cultural field.

Granted: 25.000 euros
Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRC.

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