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Rampart – Hypercritic Back

Rampart – Hypercritic

11 Jan 2021

The foundations of Hypercritic are cooperation and storytelling. The project, an online platform, involves a growing group of young people from all over Europe. Hypercritic asks the new generation of humanists to imagine and write about the future of culture, starting from the millenary European culture and its values: freedom, equality, integration, sustainable economy, and fulfilling life. Hypercritic informs and educates the public through a new scientific approach and provides users with the necessary tools to develop their personal taste by discovering relevant content and experiences.

Hypercritic is an observatory workshop and trendsetter that brings together content, people, and institutions. Students, teachers, museums, media companies, writers, scholars, creators, and citizens can contribute to a new learning experience through dialogue and sharing their knowledge and passions. Hypercritic’s staff already involves 40 young authors from all over Europe, the United States, and Latin America, covering books, art, movies, music, and TV shows. They plan to extend their categories in all cultural fields: from performing arts to poetry and video games, from cultural heritage to gastronomy and travel.

Hypercritic was founded in Italy in July 2020: its impact is global, but its roots and core values are deeply European.

See their website for more info.

Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRT


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