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Slow Food – Food heroes Back

Slow Food – Food heroes

11 Jan 2021

Food is a universal need and key pathway to connectedness. Cooks, producers and artisans, including many migrants and youths, in Europe have launched new initiatives related to food production, distribution and consumption to tackle the pandemic. The project aims to encourage and celebrate the virtuous initiatives in the food world that are reacting to the emergency with ideas that may inspire others.

Through our network in Europe, we will collect emblematic and successful good practices and narrate their stories in a creative way so that they could reach a wider public and be of inspiration especially for young people. For each good practice we will realize a “polaroid” composed of three elements: a catchy photo evoking the initiative, a descriptive card telling the story and advices how to replicate it. A European campaign will be designed using the stories, comprising a digital catalogue, physical exhibitions and a social media campaign. At least one exhibition will be organized during the project lifetime and the circulation of the format will be spread throughout Europe thanks to Slow Food network. A version of the digital catalogue for schoolchildren will be realized and spread.

More info on their website.

Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRC.

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