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Europe Talks: Live events Back

Europe Talks: Live events

25 Apr 2024

In the last week of February the kick-off meeting for the Europe Talks 2024 media partner network took place. Thirteen leading independent media organisations from across Europe will work together to create this year’s cross-border dialogue program. From April until the European Parliament elections in June, thousands of Europeans will meet for a constructive debate.

What is Europe Talks?

Europe Talks is a cross border dialogue project co-created by a network of leading independent media partners around Europe. Since 2019 more than 39,000 people in more than 30 countries have participated in a Europe Talks event.

In 2024, almost half of European countries, as well as the European Parliament, will hold elections. With multiple global crises, rising extremism, and a surge of disinformation, it’s more important than ever for Europeans to connect across borders. Europe Talks 2024 makes that possible.

Europe Talks matches Europeans with totally distinct perspectives for a one-on-one debate online. Participants sign up by answering a few questions about issues facing Europe, such as migration, security, or climate change. Each person who registers will be matched with someone in a different European country who also holds different opinions from them. Registrations for Europe Talks started on March 25. You can follow them on Instagram for updates!

Europe Talks live events

As part of the ongoing Europe Talks we are co-hosting a series of offline events to discuss a few of the most pressing European issues. In the last week of May and first week of June 2024 candidate members of European Parliament will share their thoughts on geopolitics and security (Warsaw, May 27), on diversity and migration (Amsterdam, May 31) and on youth participation in the EU and European elections (Madrid, June 4). The event to bring first-time voters together (Berlin, May 31) is fully booked. Read on via this page to learn more. 

Europe Talks 2024 is organised by My Country Talks together with Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland) and the European Cultural Foundation. The project is funded by the European Commission Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV).

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