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As part of the Initiative for European Public Space, ECF has built a coalition to shape a European media landscape. As a result, independent and citizen media are building, a European media platform that is open to all citizens in a twofold sense: citizens throughout Europe can receive the media translated into their own language via a central platform and, European citizens are able to contribute content to the platform via the widespread existing structures of citizens’ media. Display represents independent media who give voice and face to discriminated and oppressed minorities and who stand up for fundamental rights and civil liberties. Media who make an indispensable contribution to democracy.

The architects of Display believe in a European media, grounded in public values and inclusivity. They contribute to a shared European media, because Europeans’ lives are shaped by forces that disregard borders. They build a space, independent from governments as well as commercial influences, where Europeans – regardless of their background – can connect, share ideas, debate opinions, and find reliable information to hold the powerful to account. will be a ground-breaking media platform anchored in public values. The platform provides citizens across the continent with access to trustworthy information and to a picture of Europe that is not usually conveyed by mainstream or national media. Through translation, syndication and originally-created-content gathers and disseminates trustworthy media from across Europe. Built from a sovereign, self-governed, open-source digital infrastructure, will break-free from the Big Tech social media and streaming platforms that currently filter and frame media production. In this more democratic display of Europe, will be a force for democracy across the continent.

Call for proposals

The deadline to submit the proposal was 6 September 2023 at 13.00 CEST.

Selected organisations will be notified within 30 days after the deadline for submission. Also, rejected applications will receive a notification.

Get in touch

If you work for an independent or community media organisation and you would like to work with, please contact

Display Europe is managed by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.  The project is run by a consortium of Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA), Fairkom, Eurozine, Voxeurop, Hostwriter, Krytyka Polityczna, El Diario, Good Conversations, Public Spaces, Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), Human, VPRO, Sound & Vision, YEPP Italia, Fanzingo and Schuman Show.

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