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Europe Talks

Europe Talks 2024 is a project of ECF, Good Conversations and Gazeta Wyborzca, which promotes participation and strengthens voter turnout in the 2024 EU Parliament elections. Over the course of the program, European citizens will answer a series of questions relating to specific political themes that are relevant to the elections, such as the relevance of EU institutions, citizenship rights and integration, climate change, education, and more.

Matching software will use these answers to find another participant from another EU country who answered the questions differently. Then, these two participants will meet for a one-on-one conversation. Conversations will take place over the course of eight digital events, as well as four on-premise events in central locations for five regions of Europe.

In addition to the conversations, a network of journalists from prominent and diverse media partners from each EU country will be convened four times to set the themes of the dialogue events and develop new media formats to portray the conversations of the participants. The journalists will then cover both the digital and on-premise conversations in multilingual and multimedia-published stories.

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