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Networked European Media

As part of the Initiative for European Public Space, ECF is building a coalition to shape a European media landscape. Together with journalists, researchers and concerned citizens, we are drawing and testing a blueprint for a networked European media model based on public values and independent from both market and government.

Through a thematic Culture of Solidarity call to strengthen a European public space, we are looking for projects that contribute to inclusive and democratic European media platforms, networks and infrastructure during the Corona infodemic.


MediActivism has developed as a network of young media-makers and critics across Europe who strive for an inclusive public European media-infrastructure. Media has a role in improving the public spaces that we inhabit in our cities. Ten partner organisations in citizens’-, refugee and inclusive media jointly develop practices and tools for a more inclusive media-sphere in Europe, while focusing on urban issues that are shared across the different cities they are working in. consists of a series of activities happening in different cities of Europe: a Hackcamp, a format of encounter oriented to face challenges by designing prototypes that give an answer to the needs of the local context; a Right to the City Laboratory, a group of diverse participants to implement a campaign claiming the demands of citizenship; and a Policy Fora to foster changes in our cities’ policies regarding the right to the city. These activities happening in different local contexts are connected and scaled up to encourage a broader discussion in the European public sphere. sustains an ever-growing collection of 500+ alternative media created by active citizens, artists and civil society groups from across Europe. This archive includes short films, remixes, mixed media, music videos, social commentaries, animations and artworks that document Europe’s most pressing social issues.

Summer of Solidarity

‘Summer of Solidarity’ is the first pop-up continent-wide, European, collaborative, storytelling media initiative. The ‘Summer of Solidarity’ project aims to knit together a patchwork of human stories through collaborative slow journalism, by going on an e-road trip throughout the continent.

The team behind ‘Summer of Solidarity’ looked for submissions from any and all European countries, in the form of a photograph or a 20-second video (with no commentary), to showcase a place near you this summer.


Since September 2020 – as a result of the Summer of Solidarity project – Collective envisioned multiple ways to continue the work we have done, funnelling it into a new project that will still retain the same core value: to encourage collaboration and connectedness in the European media sphere, as well as foster solidarity, curiosity and sharing across the continent.

Collective consists of Sara Cooper, Natalie Nougayrède, Mick ter Reehorst and Julie Simond.

They are of the conviction “the self-portrait of Europe is to a degree already being written, illustrated, filmed and photographed.” But they also believe young media-makers and new media formats get left behind. So, they are convinced “it is time for a new kind of media within the European media landscape.”

Collective curates the best under reported stories from around Europe, adding a personal touch.

Europe Talks

Europe Talks is an international online matching and debating platform and a series of local events in which citizens can meet and talk to other people on specific topics of European relevance. The initiative challenges growing polarisation and fosters solidarity by bringing together people of different political opinions across Europe. Newspapers and media platforms in different countries in Europe collaborate in Europe Talks, which is hosted and coordinated by Zeit Online.

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