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14 May: European Dialogues, ‘Writing the war’ and ‘Europe at war?’ Back

14 May: European Dialogues, ‘Writing the war’ and ‘Europe at war?’

5 Apr 2024

The two Dutch editions of “In the Face of War – European Dialogue” on May 14 are initiated by Institut Français and organised in partnership with De Balie, Institut français NL, Arte, Ouest France, Le Grand Continent and the European Cultural Foundation. The project aims to foster dialogue and debate surrounding the upheavals in Europe instigated by the war in Ukraine. Following a project launch in Prague, and a second edition in autumn 2023, five events will be held during the course of 2024, in Warsaw, Sofia, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Rennes, with others to follow in 2025. Two editions will take place in Amsterdam on May 14:

The first one kicks off at 18.00h and is titled ‘Writing the war’.
During this programme, journalists and editors Veronika Dorman, Boyko Vassilev, Sander van Hoorn andAnastasia Taylor-Lind will tackle the challenges that they are facing: how to retain the public’s interest in prolonged conflicts? How to decide what stories to cover? More info and tickets, click here.

The second programme, starting at 20.30h, is entitled ‘Europe at war?
Rym Momtaz, Frans Timmermans, Tom Middendorp and Nathalie Tocci
discuss what kind of geopolitical actor does Europe want to be? More info and tickets, click here.

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