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Decolonizing the newsroom – live Back

Decolonizing the newsroom – live

4 Jul 2022

What is Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media?
Media shapes our imagination and structures our interactions in the public sphere. Across Europe, migrant communities and individuals are raising their voices to reclaim their rights to self-representation and to participate in those debates that help us reach a more open and inclusive society. Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media connects journalists with a migrant background to struggle for fairer media representations through different activities involving mainstream media outlets, community media and campaigning for social rights.

Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media consists of a series of outputs and activities happening in different cities of Europe between 2022 and 2023: a research on media representation of migrants; a map of inclusive artistic and media practices; a collaborative incubator gathering journalists, artists, and activists fostering dialogue and exchange; a community of practice based on a digital platform and a collaborative event; a series of tandems and job shadowings for journalists from different contexts to work together; or a sequence of town hall meetings connecting and empowering local structures and initiatives at the city level. These activities are connected and scaled up to encourage a broader discussion in the European public sphere.

Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media is a coalition of organisations coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation. Partners and participants organisations are Beyond the Now, Conciencia Afro, Eticas, Gazeta Wyborcza, Here to Support, Hostwriter, Leading European Newspaper Alliance, and ZEMOS98. This coalition is funded through a DG Connect grant.

Decolonizing the Newsroom. 5 – 6 – 7 – 8, July 2022
Decolonizing the Newsroom is a collaborative event that takes place on July 5-6-7-8 in Madrid, and is coordinated by ZEMOS98 and Conciencia Afro.

The encounter gathers around 45 persons struggling for more inclusive representations of migrants and refugees in the European media sphere: community media journalists and creators, mainstream media and freelance journalists, antiracist organisations and movements, artists, and researchers. They will meet to network, explore and develop tools and methods that give an answer to the challenges identified during the event in relation both to the representation of migrants in European media and to the conditions in which these representations are perpetuated by the functioning of newsrooms and mainstream media in general.

You can follow the public programme of the event online:

July 5, 18h – 19.30h CEST
Presentations by Conciencia Afro & Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media, and a round-table: Racialized Women in Journalism (with Lucía Mbomio, Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote, Oumaima Abalhaj, Gabriela Wiener, hosted by Bea Duodu. LINK

July 6, 19.30h – 21.30h CEST
Presentations: City Rights App, Unbias the News, Afrocolectiva, Panteras, and a round-table: Journalism in War Times (with Babah Tarawally, Polina Moroz, Margaryta Yakovenko, Okba Mohammad, hosted by Moha Gerehou. LINK

July 7, 19.30h – 21.30h CEST
Documentary Screening: “Nothing About Us Without Us” and Round-Table with Douglas Herman and Yaser Akbari (Refocus Media Labs), hosted by Paloma Etienne. Plus: Anti-Racist Meme Battle! LINK.

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