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Lost in Media Booklaunches Back

Lost in Media Booklaunches

23 Nov 2019

Editor Ismail Einashe welcomes the audience in Tate. Photo by Dan Weill photography.

Book launches
Since the publication on June 28 the book “Lost in Media” has been presented at various events throughout June, July and November.

In June Chrystal Genesis chaired a conversation between contributors Moha Gerehou and Daniel Trilling in Amsterdam. Editor Ismail Einashe, contributors Nadifa Mohamed and Antonija Letinic discussed various topics with Miljenka Buljevic at Sarajevo’s Bookstan festival. Ismail Einashe, Nadifa Mohamed and Antonija Letinic were were guests in Belgrade’s Krokodil.

On July 19th 2019, we than launched #LostinMedia at the Tate Modern with a panel discussion chaired by Chrystal Genesis of Stance Podcast, with contributions from Tania Bruguera, Nesrine Malik, Daniel Trilling, and Andre Wilkens.

On November 6th we hosted two discussions in Brussels. In the afternoon we collaborated with Hello Europe. MEPs Damien Carême and Dragoș Tudorache hosted a panel and debate facilitated by Marta Rodriguez (Euronews) in the European Parliament. Speakers were Dawid Krawczyk, one of the authors of the book Lost in Media, Salma Zulfiqar, award winning artist, Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón Martín, director Por Causa and We Are Here. The presence of MEP’s Julie Ward, Maria Walsh, Anna Donath and Erik Marquardt ensured various political families in the EP took up the issue. Out of all social media on the event we like to quote Anna Donath who wrote: “Fear of migrants is fear of the unknown. Instead of trying to counter narratives exploiting this, we should address issues that make people nervous about their future. They’ll be less permeable to narratives blaming scape goats!” Contact our senior research & development officer Tsveta Andreeva for a full report.

In the evening Are We Europe welcomed us and the speakers in their co-working space in Brussels for an event moderated by Marije Martens.

On November 22nd editor Ismail Einashe spoke in a panel in Amsterdam’s Pakhuis de Zwijger “A media crisis on refugees”. You can read his opening words here. The complete event has been live-streamed and is available online.

Lost in Media: Migrant Perspectives and the Public Sphere gathers critical responses to the representations of migrants in the media in Europe through nine essays by prominent writers, artists and journalists. Ever since the ‘migrant crisis’ hit the headlines in 2015, migrant perspectives have been lost in mainstream media. If migrants do appear in media coverage they are represented as characters in other people’s stories, or as something other. This volume challenges this narrative of dispossession through essays by and interviews with artists, journalists and authors.

Lost in Media: Migrant Perspectives and the Public Sphere is conceived from the ‘Displaced in Media’ project and is created in cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation and published by Valiz. The book is edited by Ismail Einashe and Thomas Roueché and features contributions from Tania Bruguera, Moha Gerehou, Aleksandar Hemon, Lubaina Himid, Dawid Krawczyk, Antonija Letinić, Nesrine Malik, Nadifa Mohamed, Ece Temelkuran, Daniel Trilling, Menno Weijs, André Wilkens.

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Media attention
Daniel Trilling reworked his contribution to the book for the Guardian long-read. You can read it here, or have someone read it to you here. Spanish newspaper el Diario published Moha Gerehou’s reworked contribution to the book. Eurozine did share Antonija Letinić’ piece on ‘Civic engagement’ and Ece Temelkuran’s essay on ‘her deep unease at being referred to as an ‘exile’ ‘ in The Paper Pain. The Discover Society magazine interviewed editor Ismail Einashe and author Daniel Trilling.

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