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Cultural Deal for Europe: An Open Letter Ahead of the EP Elections Back

Cultural Deal for Europe: An Open Letter Ahead of the EP Elections

9 Oct 2023

Dear Members of the European Parliament,
Dear Members of European political parties,
Dear Candidates in the 2024 European elections,

In just a few months’ time, we will all be taking part in the 2024 European elections. With more than 400 million people eligible to vote, European elections are the second largest democratic elections in the world. This is a key moment to make sure that culture is placed at the very heart of Europe’s future to help bring Europeans together at this pivotal point in our shared history.

Can we count on you?

With Europe’s solidarity put to the test, revisiting and reinforcing our Cultural Deal for Europe’s call to action is more important than ever. As cultural advocates and dedicated Europeans, we are calling for culture to be prominently featured in the 2024 electoral campaigns: in political groups’ programmes and in public conversations with Europeans about the future of our continent.

As the three initiators of A Cultural Deal for Europe, together with our thousands of supporters across EU Member States, we ask you to respond to our call to action and include a strong cultural dimension in your political programmes and electoral campaign trails. We are calling on you to endorse the Cultural Deal for Europe, making sure culture is a pillar of your own political agenda ahead of the 2024 elections.

We have created a union of states and institutions. We still need to craft a union of values and people. It is culture that brings us together as Europeans, igniting the hearts and fuelling the minds of citizens. Without culture, the very future of Europe is under threat.

Can we count on YOU to help us place culture at the heart of Europe?

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