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Liquid Becomings Back

Liquid Becomings

20 Nov 2023

With Liquid Becomings, the consortium led by Stichting Pássaros | espaço agora now, a collective of independent artists will create a travelling pavilion. After an opening ceremony in Gdańsk on 1st September 2024, four boats will sail for 28-days on four rivers: the Danube, Rhine, Vistula and Tagus.



Europe is not an island, it is its rivers.

Illustration by Siniša Ilić.

The boats, each with a crew of five artists and a captain, will focus on a different theme (“Ruins and Monsters”, “Perimeters”, “Togetherness”, “Bodies and Politics”). The boats will become platforms for a durational performance, in which artists, academics, citizens and experts are brought together in a travelling debate. The encounters and conversations, meals, rituals, stories will be translated into a polyphonic, interdisciplinary work for the final event.

In November all the boats will join forces and be docked in Lisbon. A three-day artistic programme celebrating polyphony, liminal spaces and itinerancy, will link the old port of Beato with Quinta Alegre, a socio-cultural complex located on the northern outskirts of Lisbon. Artists and citizens will share a new mythology for Europe. A future told by the river, a future told by all of us.

The Liquid Becomings consortium brings these partners together: espaço agora now | Stichting Pássaros, FLOW, MS-Fusion, Teatro Meia Volta and United Artist Labour.

Liquid Becomings is curated by: Bojan Đorđev, Laura Kalauz, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Siniša Ilić, Alfredo Martins, Annette Mees, Rainer Prohaska, Naomi Russell, Olga Uzikaeva.

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