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Faille Back


20 Nov 2023

FAILLE, Frictional Borders, Ancestral Practices, Precolonial Europe is a project proposed by Cittadellarte and OGR Torino  investigating the Insubric line that runs through the Alpine region and corresponds to the last stretch of the so-called Balkan migratory route. Today, this area is subject to conflict between European nations because of the passage of migrants. Starting from this, the project looks at this territory as a union of regionalisms that transcend the contemporary vision of Europe as an alliance of fortified nations, offering instead a pre-colonial approach to these territories.


OGR Torino, photo by Pablo Bronstein

This research will be developed with four partners working and inhabiting the Alpine region (a.titolo with Viso a Viso, B-A-U Southtyrol, Cross Project, and Robida), that will host a four-month artist residency each to develop four original works reflecting on what these internal European borderlands mean today and how can we learn from the ancestral human and non-human exchanges that happened from centuries in these areas.

The project output will be an exhibition at OGR Torino and Fondazione Pistoletto and a reader – bringing together curators, artists, thinkers and communities – looking into European liminal geographies as radical places to debate European identity.

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