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11 Jan 2021

Many media report inadequate about European institutions and European citizenship. Ratatoj and their international project partners see the values of Western society increasingly questioned from the outside (by radical religious terrorism) and from the inside (by populisms that see the myth of “strength” as a synonym for survival). Their aim is therefore to stimulate a European public space as a commonplace for shared political and cultural production.

This implies an approach capable of managing social challenges. In their view local cultural places are those spaces that, first of all, can be bearers of new values, new ways of living and acting. With this project RATATOJ aims to give young people experiences of artistic and cultural production, organization and promotion, from a theater in a small town in northern Italy. They hope the project gives young participants cultural tools, and activates them as European citizens.

More info on their website.

Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRC

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