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#PhilanthropyForClimate Back


22 Oct 2021

Climate extremes, from droughts and wildfires to storms and hurricanes, are becoming more severe and more frequent and are already affecting millions of people around the world. Climate change threatens our food, health, safety, livelihoods and economies. The growing climate emergency presents a risk to society as a whole and therefore a serious risk to the pursuit of philanthropic aims everywhere and in every area. Philanthropic organisations, which hold assets for the common good, have a special responsibility to use their resources, independence and influence to rise to the challenge. We can make a difference – if we act urgently. But where to start?

The International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is a global call to all foundations regardless of their mission, status or geographic location to come together and signal their commitment to climate action. We believe that all foundations and philanthropic organisations can and should play a role in addressing the climate emergency and we invite them to take a stance by signing the Commitment and joining foundations from around the world on the journey to meaningful climate action.

We joined the call. As our director puts it: “The climate crisis is here and real. It’s not a distant theoretical concept. Everyone has to act, now, and in the best and most effective way possible. For us this means two things: First we will to get our own operations in order to limit our climate impact as much as possible. Secondly, culture is a key to finding sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. Technology will not be enough. It will need culture change!”


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