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European Cultural Deal for Ukraine Back

European Cultural Deal for Ukraine

1 Dec 2023

Following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Cultural Deal for Europe partners, in addition to their individual actions of support for the Ukrainian cultural community and society, called on European and national decision-makers to demonstrate strong and determined European solidarity with cultural and cultural heritage actors of Ukraine. The three partners included this European Cultural Deal for Ukraine in the list of their eight demands in their Cultural Deal for Europe statement.

Ukraine deserves a European Cultural Deal

Europe needs Ukraine as Ukraine needs Europe. The recovery and future of Ukraine in the EU cannot be envisaged without culture playing its full role. This needs the determination and commitment of Ukraine to embed culture in its recovery, reconstruction and modernisation strategy.

Culture and Cultural heritage are pivotal to Ukraine’s past, present and future and deserve full attention for their intrinsic value but also for what they can bring to society: hope, inspiration and creative imagination, economic, social and cultural value.

We urgently call on the EU to include Ukraine’s cultural, cultural heritage and creative sectors in EU relief packages for Ukraine and the Ukraine Facility (2024-2027). We call on the EU institutions and Member States to join forces to include emergency and recovery needs from the world of art, culture and cultural heritage within the EU humanitarian support to Ukraine. This includes the macro-financial assistance package to help the country meet its financing needs, as well as the Trust Fund for Ukraine mobilising international donors.

'POV: Graduating in war', photo by Stanislav Senyk for TEMA Magazine, which received funding from our Culture of Solidarity Fund.

Why a European Cultural Deal for Ukraine and why it matters now more than ever?

In June 2023, the European Commission proposed the new Ukraine Facility – a dedicated €50 billion in grants and loans for 2024-2027 to support the country’s recovery, reconstruction and modernisation.

The investment priorities under the Facility are currently being negotiated by the European Union and Ukrainian authorities. The proposed legal basis of this new instrument allows Ukraine to support their culture and cultural heritage: we firmly believe that the Ukrainian authorities should seize this opportunity for the benefit of their rich and diverse cultural heritage, vibrant creative sectors and dynamic cultural civil society. The time for action is now.

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