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Culture for Solidarity videos

Political, demographic and economic changes have opened gaps between people and between people and institutions, leaving fertile ground for populism, radicalisation and fear. The hardening of borders at the edges of and within Europe is causing great anxiety. And just when we need ways to discuss these changes, social media is entrenching viewpoints and spreading falsehood. It is hard to find common ground or the institutions that can create it.

This is a challenge to all public institutions and particularly all those who consider themselves part of the cultural sector in Europe. The artistic research programme Culture in Solidarity is one of our responses to this challenge, in collaboration with Krytyka Polityczna (Warsaw) and ZEMOS98 (Seville).

By highlighting cultural practices that bring unusual groups of people together, and connecting these practices across the continent, we want to contribute to more solidarity in Europe. We have witnessed some touching and daring events take place. Luckily, some of them have been turned into videos.

Tours de danse
In that same building Brazilian artist Tania Alice, Aziz Boumediene and filmmaker Daniela Lanzuisi conducted the artistic intervention “Tours de danse”, in July 2018.

Tired superheroes
In autumn 2018 Dorota Ogrodzka, with ZEMOS98, designed a performative experience devoted to the study and support of solidarity as practiced within an organization working for culture and society.

Confession room
In October 2018, researcher and performer Karolina Pluta, invited the team of POGON – Center for Independent Culture and Youth in Zagreb – to participate in an artistic experiment concerning solidarity among culture workers.

First screening
Artists and researchers investigated historical forms of solidarity among the workers of large industrial factories in urban areas.