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Cultural Bloggers Interviewed Back

Cultural Bloggers Interviewed

4 Sep 2009

Cultural blogging is not (yet) a well-known category within the blogosphere and LabforCulture wanted to find out more. Who blogs? What are they blogging about? Which audiences and communities are being engaged? What are the economic models and how sustainable are they? These are some of the questions that are explored in the new Cultural Bloggers Interviewed publication

With Annette Wolfsberger, we delved into the cultural blogging scene in a series of interviews with nine renowned European bloggers including: Anne Helmond, Robert Misik, Alek Tarkowski, Marta Peirano and José de Vicente, Alessandro Ludovico and Régine Debatty

The bloggers were interviewed in 2009 and were challenged to answer questions about their motivation, business models and subsequent opportunities that came from starting their blogs. With a thought-provoking introduction about the role of blogs by Guardian journalist and blogger Mercedes Bunz, this publication is a must for anyone considering the future role of cultural bloggers and online publishing. 

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