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Antifonisi Back


28 Jul 2023

The project, by Greek artist Christina Sgouromiti, proposes the construction of an on-going archive of mourning acts corresponding to the Ukraine’s traditional culture of lament. A series of recordings with Ukrainian women performing lament and story-telling will form the core of this archive which will be launched on an online, dynamic platform. The archive will be enriched by interviews with scholars in feminist theory, critical theory and ethnology, which will re-visit the tradition of lament in relation to Ukraine’s history and traditions as well as within a wider geographical spectrum. Individual recordings will be broadcasted as a podcast diffused by the social media aiming at the widest possible audience. The collection of broadcasts will then form the contents of a different audio book. Selected artists will be asked to contribute by uploading visual material from performance art and photography to an online platform, serving as a dynamic interface to the audio book.

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