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YTA Union-OISTAT National Centre of Georgia

28 Jul 2022

Project: Ukrainian National Pavilion at Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design 2022

The Project aims to provide safe cultural spaces for women scenographers seeking refuge in exile, namely in Georgia.

Six Ukrainian women scenographers selected by YTA Union and partner organisation Scenography Geller (Lviv), will have the opportunity to work creatively for 3 months in an artistic residency in Georgia. The residency will include an art laboratory/creation of art objects, sketches, etc. An experimental collaboration with some Georgian theatres is possible. As part of the project, Ukrainian scenographers will create the Ukrainian Pavilion of Scenography at the Tbilisi International Biennale of Scenography in October 2022 displaying both the pre-war theatrical process in Ukraine and creative reflection on the ongoing “theatre of absurdity” of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The project manager on the Georgian side and the curator on the Ukrainian side will lead the selection.The exhibition will take place at the National Museum of Georgia from 9-19.10.2022. A special website will be created to disseminate the information and to present all the exhibited works.

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