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Ukrainian Film Academy: Supporting Ukrainian filmmakers during the war Back

Ukrainian Film Academy: Supporting Ukrainian filmmakers during the war

10 May 2022

Founded in 2016, the Ukrainian Film Academy has been developing various events and growing its network for the comprehensive support and development of national cinematography.

Since 2017, the Film Academy has been presenting the Ukrainian National Film Award ‘Golden Dzyga’, the leading award in cinematography in Ukraine. It has also been representing Ukraine on the international platforms Berlinale IFF, Toronto IFF and Cannes IFF, as well as actively covering information about Ukrainian independent films abroad.

The Ukrainian Film Academy’s primary mission —to provide a safe working environment for Ukrainian filmmakers— has become more pronounced than ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Now with the support of European Cultural Foundation’s Culture of Solidarity Fund, this mission is developed further by pursuing activities in multiple directions. These include: coordinating actions with foreign partners to provide humanitarian support in the field of culture; organising assistance for Ukrainian filmmakers and their families in the war zone; assisting the communication and job search for filmmakers who have gone abroad; monitoring open sources of information and counteracting Russian propaganda to prevent the distortion of the cultural-historical context of Ukraine and Ukrainian cinema in the international arena.

CinemAid Ukraine

Together with the Ukrainian State Film Agency, Watch Ukrainian! Association, the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, UkrKinoFest, Union of Entrepreneurs of the Television and Film Industry, Nareshti, CF “Doors” and Center of Creative Industries Development, the Film Academy has established a charity foundation called CinemAid Ukraine. Presently, they are organising a series of charitable screenings of Ukrainian films abroad called The CinemAid Ukraine Charity Film Marathon Screenings. Since May, CinemAid has coordinated more than 70 broadcasts all over the world– from the USA to Korea, Latvia to Kenya, Ireland to Canada.

CinemAid organisers announce: ‘Producers and authors of films who want to screen their films at these charity events may contact any of the partner organisations and share information and materials regarding their films. Organisers will assist in producing subtitles, promotional materials and all necessary additional materials for screenings.’

‘The selection of films is made in cooperation with Ukrainian and international managers. For each event, the selection committee makes their decision depending on the audiences and cultural context of the country of screening.’

Filmmaking at a time of war

‘The film industry became an essential part of the Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggression,’ the Ukrainian Film Academy tells us when asked about the role of cinema in times of conflict and war. ‘From the first days onwards, our audio-visual industry was actively fighting the information war, keeping up morale at home while representing Ukraine on the international market. Cinema is a powerful tool of influence. It can attract the world’s attention to the war and represent Ukraine as it bravely defies an aggressor who has been using film and media fo anti-Ukrainian propaganda for years.’

‘Film industry professionals are fighting on the frontlines along with our troops; they are filming in combat zones, documenting the realities of war; they volunteer, supply and equip the army, alleviate civilian suffering and provide medical aid. Film studios have been converted into humanitarian hubs and bomb shelters and donated some of their equipment to the army.’

Additionally, the Ukrainian Film Academy has been supporting several Ukrainian filmmakers who were injured at war. Among them are  famous Ukrainian DOP Yaroslav Pilunskyi and one of the best Ukrainian gaffes, Maks Ruban.

Granted: €30,000

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