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icebauhaus – Space Back

icebauhaus – Space

28 Oct 2021

As many rural European regions, communities in East-Germany, Transylvania and Albania are challenged by migration and an accelerating decline of local cultural offerings. Although most villages in Albania and Romania have designated cultural centers, such spaces are still anchored in mindsets from the previous totalitarian regimes and disconnected from the present life of communities. Meanwhile, new community spaces emerge, providing new models of social activation through culture.

icebauhausMihai and Maria Fratila FoundationFagaras Research Institute and Tek Bunkeri are initiators of MOCI Balkans, enabling new partnerships of cultural spaces and between creative pioneers. With SPACE (Sustainable Partnerships for Arts and Culture in Europe), they aim to activate local initiatives and inspire collaborators to develop future-oriented cultural solutions to systemic challenges. Cultural SPACES in rural areas can re-emerge as spaces of freedom placed at the heart of local community development.

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