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Deichtorhallen Hamburg – The School of Survival Back

Deichtorhallen Hamburg – The School of Survival

26 Mar 2024

The School of Survival is an experimental learning space for the 21st century – a prototype for a new institution that combines theory and practice to prepare for the new era humanity is entering. It is an integral part of the exhibition ‘Survival in the 21st Century’ which will take place at Deichtorhallen Hamburg between May and November 2024. The exhibition will introduce more than 40 positions from artists from all over the world, opening a space for reflection about the most urgent issues of our time. The School of Survival will provide a solution space where art offers more insights and introspection. The school and the exhibition are directly linked, classes will be taught in the architecture of the exhibition, knowledge stations will provide access to the ideas and practices that form the curriculum of The School of Survival. The school is open to anybody and it is free. Special effort will be made to reach school children beyond the more usual museum milieus. The school will reach out to specific communities that engage in different forms of farming and fishing, the culinary community, academia – and especially to the more marginalised parts of the city of Hamburg. The project is a pilot in developing a blueprint, a methodology of sorts. The aim is to develop a scalable and reproducible method that would be applicable to other European cities.

: 25.000 euros


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