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Les Têtes de l’Art – L’Europe à la barre Back

Les Têtes de l’Art – L’Europe à la barre

25 Mar 2024

The project by Les Têtes de l’Art concerns the mock trial L’Europe à la barre, an effective and recognised theatre play in France. It is used as a tool for talking differently about Europe, reaching audiences far removed from these issues, and to mobilise voters in the run-up to the European elections. The project wants to reach first-time voters and people who have little or no interest in European issues and allow them to understand that this subject concerns them on multiple facets of their daily lives. In addition, it aims to have a stronger media impact on the areas of intervention, allowing local associations and actors to extend discussions around European issues by freeing up speech based on the reflections from the show. Les Têtes de l’Art have used the mock trial before, see here for a Franco-German adaptation.


Granted: 15.000 euros

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