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Stranaidea – Stay cool Back

Stranaidea – Stay cool

19 Apr 2024

STAY COOL by Stranaidea aims to use participatory arts as a platform for information, debate, and discussion regarding the impact of climate change on mountain exploitation. This initiative involves stakeholders such as administrators, residents, entrepreneurs, citizens, and mountain visitors in Alpine valleys. The goal is to explore not only the challenges posed by climate change but also the opportunities it may present for mountain areas and communities.

Through collaboration between artists and experts, the project will facilitate artistic participatory workshops in mountain centers. These workshops will delve into the issues, spark discussions, and generate ideas, proposals, and needs to be shared within the community. Additionally, a theatrical debate performance will be developed based on the workshop outcomes, to be presented at public events in both mountain and urban settings.

Furthermore, STAY COOL will produce scientific articles and reviews aimed at academic and administrative audiences to disseminate the insights gained from the workshops and performances. This multidisciplinary approach aims to foster dialogue, awareness, and potential solutions regarding the challenges and opportunities faced by mountain environments in the context of climate change.

Granted: 25,000 euros


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