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Ratatoj – Green Days Back

Ratatoj – Green Days

19 Apr 2024

The inaugural Green Days event took place in 2023 in Saluzzo, nestled at the base of the Cottian Alps, thanks to Ratatoj. The project’s core mission is to enhance awareness and commitment to sustainability. Ratatoj has been actively promoting cultural values since 2001, emphasizing inclusivity and sustainability.

For the fourth edition of Green Days in 2024, Ratatoj aims to organise a series of events spread across the nearby valleys of Saluzzo, along with two main events at the Magda Olivero Cinema and Theater, Ratatoj’s home base. The theater will host a temporary gallery showcasing artworks from across Europe, focusing on sustainability themes. This gallery will offer a multi-sensory and cross-media experience, creating an immersive and engaging environment for visitors.

Granted: 25,000 euros

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