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Print Club Torino – Reciprocity Back

Print Club Torino – Reciprocity

19 Apr 2024

Print Club Torino, in partnership with Fundación de los Comunes and involving La Casa Invisible of Malaga, La Asociación de Arte Util, Labont – University of Turin, and FULL – Politecnico of Turin, will organise a collaborative exploration of Just Transition themes using a multidisciplinary and generative approach.

The project aims to spark a collective reflection on urgent issues affecting the cultural heritage of local communities, focusing on Turin and Malaga as case studies.

The project delves into three critical dimensions: public green care, co-housing and community practices, and gentrification and sustainable tourism. These themes will be addressed through a symposium, a series of creative workshops, and artistic interventions.

Granted: 25,000 euros

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