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Milano Mediterranea – Neighbourhood Committees of Care Back

Milano Mediterranea – Neighbourhood Committees of Care

19 Apr 2024

The Neighbourhood Committees of Care project wants to share successful approaches across Europe implementing participatory processes and community involvement in matters related to a fair transition, using artistic projects. The methodology developed by Milano Mediterranea (Mimed) for participatory practices in socio-economic peripheral areas will be expanded to two districts in Berlin and Budapest, where Tatwerk Performative Forschung and PLACCC Festivals are located.

In each district, an intergenerational, multilingual, and multicultural neighborhood art committee comprising local residents will be formed. They will create an open call to gather innovative and participatory artistic proposals addressing urgent environmental challenges in achieving a fair transition. Artists and community members will collaborate during month-long residencies to co-create artworks.

The outcomes of these processes in each country will be showcased at the Twiza festival in Milan and the PLACCC festival in Budapest, highlighting them as examples of grassroots urban regeneration initiatives. This exchange of practices and presentations will contribute to broader discussions on bottom-up approaches to urban renewal.

Granted: 25,000 euros

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