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Bepart – Ecosystems at the Margins Back

Bepart – Ecosystems at the Margins

19 Apr 2024

Ecosystems at the Margins” is a collaboration between Bepart and CtrlArt┬áto create a distinctive phygital experience focusing on endangered animals in the Alpine region. This project aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by these animals, often living in marginal ecosystems. Through an artistic and immersive memory game featuring 20 illustrated cards, 10 endangered species will be highlighted, ranging from white partridges to ibexes and butterflies to spioncello and sordone.

The cards, developed in partnership with an artist, will incorporate 3D animated augmented reality content accessible via smartphones. This interactive element offers a unique perspective on these animals and their habitats. The board game will be distributed in schools, while the artworks will form a traveling exhibition. This approach provides an innovative and engaging platform to educate, particularly young people, about climate change and its impact on mountain ecosystems.

Granted: 21,600

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