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Banda Larga – Common Grounds Back

Banda Larga – Common Grounds

19 Apr 2024

The project is geared towards involving staff from cultural centers in Turin to address ecological management issues within their respective environments. Currently, there is a lack of awareness and action among cultural center personnel regarding sustainable practices, which hampers the development of eco-friendly initiatives within these organisations.

The transition to sustainable practices needs to happen quickly and inclusively. Therefore, Banda Larga aims to empower cultural center employees as catalysts for change.

Their focus is on encouraging staff members to reflect on the challenges within their centers that they may overlook and provide them with tools to address these issues. Additionally, they will collaborate with the Architecture and Design department of the Politecnico of Turin to create an online platform. This platform will map individuals and locations that are encountering environmental challenges and finding solutions, fostering connections and sharing best practices among stakeholders.

Granted: 23,000 euros

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