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100 Magnolias, Planted on the “Station Road” in Vladimir Back

100 Magnolias, Planted on the “Station Road” in Vladimir

11 Apr 2024

The Vladimir Community Development Association Marked a Significant Success in “Awareness of the Importance of the Ecological Factor in the Sustainable Development of Future Communities”. In a remarkable demonstration of community and ecological commitment, the Association for Community Development Vladimir, supported by the European Cultural Foundation through The Europe Challenge program, successfully completed the project of planting 100 magnolias in the town of Vladimir, on “Drumul gării”, on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

This project, entitled “Awareness of the Importance of the Ecological Pillar in the Sustainable Development of Future Communities”, is a project with European funding intended for public libraries in Europe and out of the 130 applied projects, they were lucky to be among the 50 projects that were selected from all over Europe.

The main aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the local population, especially children, about the importance of ecological sustainability. By planting 100 magnolias, each participant who announced that he would come received a plaque with his name, so the magnolia belongs to him and he will have to take care of it. Through this action, the aim was to increase the responsibility among the participants regarding the environment.

At the same time, other actions carried out within the project are the purchase of pavilions located in the library courtyard to provide a framework for debate and meeting of children even outside the library’s working hours, the association wanting to create an educational green space and debate, accessible throughout the year, focusing on inspirational environmental activities for future generations.

A founding member of the Association, part of the academic community, and one of the initiators of this project reflected on the event’s success: “It’s time to change something! We grew up in this commune, and we have so many beautiful memories with beautiful people who inspired us. Today, I gave something back to the community. We won’t stop here, and we want more and more impactful projects.”

The event attracted an impressive number of 70 volunteers from the community, including the active participation of scouts from the “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” Local Center – Târgu Jiu, demonstrating solidarity and the common desire to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Ongoing Commitment to Environmental Education and Action

In addition to the achievements on the ground, the Association for Community Development Vladimir continues to promote ecological education through planned activities, with the aim of bringing a new set of knowledge to the community related to the importance of the ecological pillar. This project was just the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at inspiring and mobilizing the community towards a more sustainable future.

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