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We are proud to announce the launch of Forces of Art Back

We are proud to announce the launch of Forces of Art

11 Nov 2020

We are excited to introduce you to Forces of Art: A joint Hivos, European Cultural Foundation and Prince Claus Fund project.

Forces of Art brings forward new understandings and appreciations of the ways arts and culture shape societies across the world. Forces of Art is a major global research project that has been compiled in a book titled Perspectives from a Changing World that is set to be released on November 26. The book – designed by Valiz publishers – is a unique, multi-layered, polyvocal analysis of the importance of cultural practice in bringing together communities and creating spaces for the exploration of new ideas.

This in-depth research features powerful stories and raises the question of how to measure the impact of culture head-on. From the role of cultural spaces and art events in Dakar to digital program initiatives in South East Asia, to the experiences of Syrian diaspora artists in Istanbul and beyond, Forces of Art is a truly global effort that sheds new light on a critical debate about the value of the arts.


We at the European Cultural Foundation believe in the power of culture to achieve a united Europe of diversity, democracy, and freedoms, where solidarity, mutual respect, and collaboration across borders of all kinds contribute to a shared sense of belonging, which is why Forces of Art is so important to us. In a time in which freedom of expression is more and more under duress in many European countries, this project helps us highlight the importance of artistic freedom as a fundamental right and as part of the cultural rights.

In a time of a worldwide pandemic and globally experienced isolation, in which inequalities are sharpened and freedoms more and more under duress, we need culture to keep us together, transform our societies and imagine our future. Forces of Art provides evidence from across the world of the transforming power of culture and promises to become an important reference in a global conversation about cultural recovery and systemic change.

See the Forces of Art website to learn more about the project. Read more on how to live stream the book launch here.

Read the Forces of Art press release in English here.

Read the Forces of Art press release in Dutch here.


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