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Trial Europe! Les Têtes de l’Art is looking for partners Back

Trial Europe! Les Têtes de l’Art is looking for partners

28 Aug 2019

In 2014, our longstanding partners Les Têtes de l’Art created “Europe à la barre” (EN: Trial Europe). This dramatised trial aims to open a debate, to bring out questions and reflections about Europe’s major subjects like mobility, agriculture, immigration and healthcare issues. In addition, it facilitates the understanding of the European Union’s role and range of action. The play wants to stir interest amongst the public to question past and current events related to the European construction. A team of comedians lead this mock trial featuring real guests (elected representatives, experts, policy makers) who are called to testify at the stand. Les Têtes de l’Art tries to initiate reflections and critical thinking that extends beyond the show.

Between 2016-2018 les Têtes de l’Art have organized over 30 representations in France. In 2019 – with the European Parliament elections in May – was a highly successful year, and they have organized over 25 representations. A playlist on youtube gathers a lot of footage on the various events which took place already.

With a grant from our Democracy Needs Imagination call the project Trial Europe now wants to adapt the play to different languages and settings. Les Têtes de l’Art is looking for you. Find all details on their call for applications via their dedicated webpage.

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