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The New Political Economy of Information Back

The New Political Economy of Information

15 Sep 2021

September 24
11:30 – 18:00 CEST

Technological advancements, networks, and the increase in complexity of media and technologies have now reached a level that begs comparison: Natural evolution. New technologies are emerging from older ones, computer chips are designing the computer chips of the next generation, neuroscience, bioinformatics and genetic engineering are tearing down the boundaries between technology and nature. The relationships between man, machine and code are also being redefined. Questions of control over technology have taken their place alongside the classic question of political power.

On the special occasion of its 10th edition, the Cologne Futures – an initiative of the Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik – will take place in Strasbourg, France, in cooperation with ARTE, the European Cultural Foundation, the Biennale Européenne de la Créativité, and WDR. Entitled “The New Political Economy of Information”, the conference will investigate the role of information and media power in 21st-century geopolitics.

Information has always equaled power. And while the dictum of information as the “new oil”, too, is neither particularly new nor undisputed, the importance of data – and algorithms – as a driver of innovation and value creation, contested strategic resource and force of societal disruption continues to grow. CF21 aims to dissect the complex realities of today’s information geopolitics and their implications for Europe from an economic, security, and – above all – democracy standpoint: How should Europe respond to the global nature of these challenges? What media policy and regulation are required to sustain principles such as freedom of information, opinion and expression or privacy? Finally, how can we foster democratic, inclusive European Public Spaces in the new political economy of information?

The conference is held in a hybrid format at HEAR – Haute école des arts du Rhin – in Strasbourg. You are invited to join in via zoom.


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