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The first institution for the common good is born in Italy Back

The first institution for the common good is born in Italy

18 Sep 2013

A press conference was held at the Teatro Valle in Rome this week to present the first foundation for the common good in Italy: Fondazione Teatro Valle Bene Comune – created by the occupants of the Teatro Valle Occupato.

©Valeria Tomasulo

The timely presentation and public discussion focusing on culture as a shared resource were well attended by journalists, political and cultural figures and people from the local and international community.

Among the high-profile speakers were Italian jurist and ex-presidential candidate Stefano Rodotà; playwright Fausto Paravidino; Chair of the Fondazione Culturale Banca Etica Andrea Baranes; actress Silvia Gallerano and the European Cultural Foundation’s Head of Business Development and Communications, Enrica Flores d’Arcais.

“Achieving the Fondazione Teatro Valle common good is not the end of a fight, but a significant step in the struggle itself towards further progress” — Stefano Rodotà

The Teatro Valle theatre building in the heart of Rome was first occupied on 14 June 2011, the day after the victory of the Italian water referendum, which first placed the common goods movement in the spotlight.

The theatre occupation propelled the political and legal recognition of common goods now that the occupiers have formed the Fondazione Teatro Valle Bene Comune, a fertile space for active participation where the production and sharing of culture becomes a right and a resource that’s accessible to all.

Teatro Valle Occupato has been chosen as one of the new laureates of the ECF Princess Margriet Award, alongside Croatian cultural activist Teodor Celakoski. They will receive the prestigious award in Brussels on 18 March 2014.

See the facebook photos and read the news articles La Republica Roma and more media coverage, and read the speech by Enrica Flores d’Arcais, Head of Business Development and Communications at ECF, spoke during the event.

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