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The European Pavilion – The Podcast

Broadcast November-December 2020

For this podcast series, we invited personalities from the arts and culture to reflect on the future of Europe and the role that the initiative for The European Pavilion can play in stimulating imaginaries beyond the national.

With this series, we wish to open up urgent questions that hover in any conversation about the future of Europe. Public space and ecology, post-national imaginaries and representation are some of the subjects that we discuss.

Each episode also includes bonus tracks featuring contributions from our guests in the form of readings, poems, or audio pieces.

Conceived by Lore Gablier in collaboration with Alejandro Ramírez
Sound design: Alejandro Ramírez
Original music: Gagi Petrovic

Episode 1: Post-national imaginaries - at the airport

For this two-part episode, we invited Rana Dasgupta, Lara Garcia Diaz, and Timothy Snyder to reflect on the model of the nation-state and what it means for Europe.

Bonus track with a reading by Rana Dasgupta of his prologue to his book Tokyo Cancelled accompanied by a piece of music composed by Lara Garcia Diaz in collaboration with musicians Francesc Fornos and Jose Galbis.

Post-national imaginaries (Part 1 – 29mn)

Post-national imaginaries (Part 2 – 23mn)

Tokyo Cancelled (Bonus track – 28mn)