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Summer of Solidarity

This summer many people all across Europe won’t be traveling and holidaying quite as before. As part of the ‘Summer of Solidarity’ project, which aims to knit together a patchwork of human stories through collaborative slow journalism, we are going on an e-road trip throughout the continent. This season, gone are the days of mass tourism to the top 50 ‘hottest’ European locations – and we would like to showcase the beautiful and exciting places-to-be that are off the beaten track of European travel destinations.

The team behind ‘Summer of Solidarity’ are looking for submissions from any and all European countries, in the form of a photograph or a 20-second video (with no commentary), to showcase a place near you this summer. In addition, write a sentence or two explaining why this is a place that you love, as well as including the location and the date of your visit.

What local places are you appreciating more now? What new summer spot have you recently discovered is accessible to you in your surrounding environment?

Send your submissions to for your chance to become a pin on the map of our virtual road trip through every region of wider Europe.

Visit their website for more info and submission guidelines.