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SPACE – Rehearsing The Revolution Back

SPACE – Rehearsing The Revolution

25 Sep 2020

The idea of Rehearsing The Revolution started with an interview of Petra Ardai (SPACE) with philosopher Ágnes Heller on the 30th anniversary of the Pan European Picnic; about European responsibilities and the possible reanimation of the joy and solidarity of 1989. Rehearsing The Revolution ensures an exciting pan-European dialogue between 3 countries [Netherlands, Hungary, Cyprus] that are geographically, politically and historically connected, yet very different.

Being European has many connotations around the continent and nearly all of these narratives are estranged from daily life, from the people. Every systemic change towards a new common narrative of pluriform notions starts in the imagination of people who envision the future they want. Rehearsing The Revolution works with the methodology of immersive collaborative storytelling and the artivism toolkit of Augusto Boal. His methods allow for a creative process that helps us to experience common ground with people you’d never thought you could.

The project partners will organise a series of residencies, workshops, presentations, and interviews with artists and the general public. In parallel to these physical events, their interactive digital platform will host all activities and generated materials like live streams, films, podcasts. “In this case, perhaps the theatre is not revolutionary in itself, but it is surely a rehearsal for the revolution.” (1974 Augusto Boal: Theatre of the Oppressed)

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Interview coming soon.

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