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SHIFT! Actions for migrating perspectives Back

SHIFT! Actions for migrating perspectives

10 May 2023

Can a newsroom reach its full journalistic potential without racialised or with migrant background professionals? Can good journalism be done without an anti-racist and migrant perspective while reporting?

In their introduction to SHIFT – Actions for migrating perspectives the editors write: “We have the pleasure of introducing some of Europe’s most vibrant media makers. Within these pages, we share some of their experiences dealing with the mainstream media and their ideas for decolonising the news industry. We cover best practices for creating inclusive media in three chapters: Newsrooms, Podcasts and New Media.”

SHIFT – Actions for migrating perspectives is one of the outcomes of the Re:framing Migrants in European Media, a project aiming to change current media narratives by assuring appropriate media representation of migrant and refugee communities across Europe.

The people and initiatives featured in SHIFT have set themselves apart through their independent reporting on asylum, immigration and the media, providing invaluable insights and models of good practice.

The shift is happening – be a part of it!

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